Web and Mobile

From tree growth tracking in rural Africa to helping a residential construction company in the US connect to customers, Advanced Reality has helped clients achieve their mobile and web goals.  We can help you bring your web and mobile applications to life.  Let’s build something great together!

Connected Apps

Today’s world is connected, your business and communication apps should be as well yet often time small businesses develop stand alone or business applications that can’t scale outside the local office.  Don’t fall into those traps.  If you’re being recommended a non-web/mobile business app, you should make sure you understand exactly why you are going this route.  If you have questions, let’s talk and ensure you get the application that suits your need.


Due to the high degree of crossover and common skills, we see web and mobile as a shared arena.  All new web design should take into account mobile screens and interaction and all but the most trivial mobile apps talk to web servers using web standards, hybrid apps are basically web apps that interact with the local mobile device while leveraging web development skills and tools to create the mobile apps.

Standard Compliance

Apps that don’t comply to standards are very likely to become obsolete well before standard compliant ones.  Browsers update and ensuring your designs implement standard methods properly is critical to them continuing to work as desired in the next round of browser releases.  The companies that years ago programmed to the latest version of Internet Explorer rendering found their applications not even rendering correctly on newer versions of Internet Explorer, they also lost a huge audience as Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers comprise a huge percentage of the marketplace.

Documentation and Coding Standards

To have programmers get up to speed on your application as fast as possible it’s best to have good system documentation to show them how all the pieces integrate.  Whether adding to an existing team or bringing in a new programmer to support an old application, documentation will pay great dividends.  It can be very costly and damaging to an organization to have an unsupported application with no documentation.  Projects are much more likely to be unsupported when the development team is small or a single person, as often happens in small organizations.  Should something happen to the developer or your relationship with the developer, documentation of how the system functions will save you considerable time and money.

Web CodeCoding to a standard makes it easier for programmers to work on code written by others.  These standards make it more predictable where to find information in the code and as a result speed bug fixing and code maintenance.  Larger teams work quicker and more efficiently once familiar with the coding standard.  Having coding standards makes code developed by different developers more uniform allowing changes to be more easily applied to large pieces of code and reduce errors resulting from changes.

System Design Principles

Like any system, good system design principles will affect the results.  Check out our information on System Design to learn more.  A good design leads to a more reliable, scalable and cost effective implementation.

Our Role

If you have an issue to resolve, a project you’re working on or want to start, contact us and let’s talk about it.  We can help.