System Design

Any job can be broken down into smaller tasks.  From clarifying your needs to completing the last of your acceptance tests, Advanced Reality can be there to assist you.  We’ve helped our clients build a wide variety of systems across a broad spectrum of complexities and industries. Whether implementing trouble ticketing and network management, ship position tracking or the worlds first bi-directional Internet over satellite system, Advanced Reality has helped our clients reach their goals.  Let’s see what we can do for you.


The first step to making any system is to know what you want it to do.  Clearly defining the objectives the system is to accomplish is critical to producing a system that meets those needs.  Your objectives will likely evolve and change during development, your process should take that into consideration.  Using an agile workflow, we help clients define clear goals that will meet their needs at delivery of the project and beyond.

System Design

System Design lays out the basics of the system.  It gives a high level technical explanation of how a system will achieve it’s objectives.  By showing system wide processes, the blocks of a system used to accomplish portions of these processes, and the required interconnections between those blocks, the System Design explains how the system works.  The larger and more complex a system is, the more critical good System Design is.

We have knowledge and experience designing systems both as the sole designer and as part of larger design teams.  From straight-forward web/mobile applications to complex multi-discipline hardware/software systems, we can help you design the system you will love.

Standard Interfaces

Creating standard, open interfaces between components of any system is critical to allow larger scalability and avoiding vendor lock-in.  We have helped our clients keep their interfaces open and well-documented, allowing them to scale and maintain their systems over long periods of time and through vendor changes.  Standard, well-defined interfaces are critical to any good design.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing not only ensures that the components of your system work together and perform as required but they convey your expectations to all component providers and system integrators.  This significantly decreases delays and cost overruns during implementation.  We have helped many customers specify their acceptance testing per feature to ensure everything works as expected.

Parallel Development

Good system design allows for parallel development. Many teams and implementers can be brought to bear on different portions of the system simultaneously achieving quicker results.  Good system design, interface specifications and acceptance testing ensure that when the pieces come together they will work as required.  Parallel Development is absolutely necessary for larger projects to meet reasonable implementation time frames.  We can help you get the system you want in the time you need.

Our Role

Advanced Reality has helped many clients develop systems to meet their goals. We have done full system design through  implementation, testing and maintenance, as well as have been members of larger teams handling just one part of the system design process.  Complex problems become much easier to solve when the design is done well.  We’ve helped numerous customers realize their objectives through good design.  Talk to us about your goals and plans and let’s see if we can make something great together.