Stewardship – Part-Time IT Manager

Stewardship is a part-time IT Manager for your organization. Targeted at small/medium organizations, this offering ensures not only that your infrastructure is healthy and secure, but also that you have an experienced and trusted resource that already knows your infrastructure and is available when you need them.

How it works

Stewardship works by setting a fixed number of hours authorized for each month.  Our consultant uses these hours to ensure infrastructure is working properly, security is intact, to discuss new needs, and help identify new implementations that can give good return on investments for the client.  For most small/medium companies this is in the range of 5-20 hours / month as that’s all the work they require done on that level on a regular basis.  Should there be a need that requires additional IT work, this will be proposed as a separate project that will be fulfilled by resources appropriate to handling those tasks.  The value comes from having the proper resource handle each tasks.

The Need

We created the Stewardship service to provide quality part-time IT Managers to our clients. Now even smaller clients can bring experienced IT vision and management to their organization at an affordable price.
Too many of our small/medium clients were hindered by lacking IT services.  Large holes in security, poor infrastructure reliability, and missing services delayed them from achieving their goals.  Many small/medium organizations suffer data leaks, data loss, or service outages that can ruin or severely hinder their organization’s growth and have significant impact to their reputation.  With our Stewardship service we can deliver professional IT leadership only on the scale needed and help our clients avoid these issues.

Right Person for the Job

A good IT Manager will keep your infrastructure running well, protect your data, and establish tools to help you achieve your goals.  The position requires a broad range of technical experience to understand and prioritize the various concerns but also extensive process and people skills clearly explain those concerns and be able to get changes implemented.  Small and medium organizations need the risks explained in a way that they can appraise them and prioritize them with the other business concerns.  Most small/medium organizations can not justify the cost or find qualified people for these positions, with our Stewardship services, they can.


There are many challenges to integrating an outside person at such a high level in an organization.  We have worked with many clients this way and have the processes, tools, and experience to make it work well.  Contact us to see how we can help you manage your infrastructure and ensure you have the tools you need to pursue your goals.