Projects included any package of service for a fixed price.  To be able to set a fixed price, deliverables need to be clearly defined.  Clear specifications of deliverables is critical to ensuring you get what you want and that it performs as you need.  These specifications typically are detailed in an RFP (Request for Proposal) or similar document and usually included Acceptance Testing Requirements to ensure the system performs as you expect.

Time Schedules and Involvement

Clients will be provided a schedule or time line for the project and will remain involved in the development process as it proceeds in regular status meetings or scrums.  This is to ensure the project is developing as the client desires and any changes to needs are incorporated as early as possible.


Changes are often desired, especially during longer duration projects.  In these instances we work with our clients to document the changes and identify any additional time impact and changes in cost associated with the changes to ensure we both have the same understanding of what the delivered system will do, how much it will cost and when it will be available.  Generally, the earlier the change is identified, the lower the cost and the less time impact.

Budgeting and Time Considerations

Project-based pricing allows clients to receive more precise budgeting and time estimates, however, for longer duration projects we recommend you plan for some changes.  Needs change over time and it’s better to get a system that meets your needs when it is delivered than one that meets your needs when it started.