Advanced Reality shares our expertise with clients in various roles:

  • Consulting – Helping our clients identify their needs and create a plan to meet them
  • Contracting – Aiding clients to implement their plans
  • Support – Assisting clients to maintain their implementations

Most solutions involve more than one role. We have the experience to bring appropriately skilled resources to bear on each task, solving issues in a highly efficient manner.  Contact us to see how we can help you.


Our services are packaged in several ways to meet our clients needs in a way that works well for them.  Our standard service offerings are:

  • Projects – clearly defined deliverables with a set price
  • Hourly/Daily – either prepaid or post-paid to facilitate needs that are changing or not clearly defined at this time
  • Stewardship – a baseline of fixed hours to handle on-going workloads.  This is normally used to ensure infrastructure is properly maintained and often used in conjunction with projects or hourly/daily offerings to handle specific issues as they arise.

We attempt to flex to the needs of our clients, and want to work with you to get a solution that works well for both of us.  Each engagement is a partnership and any good partnership benefits both parties.  If you desire a different packaging for our services please contact us to discuss it.