Infrastructure (Network, Services and Servers)

Your IT Infrastructure is the foundation of your communications.  It’s what you use not only to talk to customers, vendors and partners but to coordinate your internal operations and processes.  Don’t let outages, slow downs and lack of communication cause your organization to suffer.  We can help your people be more efficient, faster, and deliver a better customer experience.


In today’s connected world the network is the foundation for all your internal and external services.  If your network goes down or doesn’t perform well it can quickly cost you hundreds, thousands or even more hours in lost work, delay your deliverables, and damage your reputation.  A well maintained and operated network provides:

  • better security
  • increased reliability
  • better performance (less slowdowns and timeouts)
  • better scalability

Having a good network architecture increases network reliability and decreases cost.  Transitioning from a poor to significantly better architecture is often one of the best ways to lower your networking operating costs and improve network quality.  Even with a good architecture though, maintenance, monitoring and support are critical to continue providing reliable, effective services.  Advanced Reality has years of experience designing networks, transitioning clients to better architectures, monitoring, managing, and supporting networks.  Let’s talk about your network and how we can help you.


Services provide the actual benefits to people or other services.  This is usually the part you see the benefits of your infrastructure in new capabilities and functionality.  For each service you see and interact with, there are usually many more you don’t on which the services you see rely.  Today’s organizations rely on an increasing amount of networked services, some of these you might provide in-house and some might be outsourced.  We can help you decide which services are best kept in-house and which ones are better candidates to outsource.  We can also help you plan, implement, configure and maintain your services, whether in-house or external.  Over the years we’ve implemented systems providing a variety of services including:

  • web
  • database
  • file and print services
  • directory services
  • domain name resolution
  • email
  • remote access
  • network management
  • trouble ticketing
  • secure, private instant messaging
  • time synchronization
  • source code control

Contact us to discuss any issues you have with current services or desires for new functionality.  We can help you get the services you want working in the manner you need.


Managing Servers is not a glorious job yet it is one of the critical pieces of keeping any organization running.   Whether you do it yourself or rely on outside entities to do it, it is being done for you.  All your networked services run on servers.  Some services, for one reason or another, you may wish to handle internally, others you may wish to outsource management of.  All servers require someone to make sure they are working properly, are secure, and that you get good value for what you pay for.

We have years of experience planning, building and maintaining servers, and the services they host.  We’ve managed contracts with external entities such as hardware vendors, co-location providers, and web service providers, evaluating cost vs benefit of maintenance contracts, spare hardware plans, software licensing and SLAs.  We can help you set priorities, sort options, and achieve your service goals by implementing and supporting the server platforms that work best for you.  Let’s talk about your needs and server infrastructure and see what improvements we can make.