In today’s world needs change quickly as do workloads.  Companies often need outside expertise and manpower to augment their teams.  The hourly/daily packaging of services often meets this dynamic requirement.  As such we offer a few types of hourly/daily packages.


This packing of services is normally used with most clients. We send an invoice at the start of each month via email. The invoice details each day, hours and the tasks completed. Clients pay us within 30 days. This gives a large amount of flexibility for the client as well as an audit trail of work done and the time it took.


Some clients like to have more control over budgeting and work done and are willing to handle some potential delays in exchange for this control. These clients usually pre-pay a block of time and every month we do work for them we send them Work Time Summary, which provides basically the same information as a Post-Paid Invoice but includes the balance of Prepaid hours remaining instead of an amount due. Clients can be assured that the prepaid amount is the limit of the work we will do and expenses they have approved. Once the prepaid time is used we will stop working until another prepaid block has been purchased. In this manner the client controls the work approved by portioning out available time.  We understand and sympathize with clients that have bad experiences with other IT providers in the past or need firm guarantees on spending, that was the impetus for creating this packaging.

Hourly or Daily

Most services are billed hourly, however, work requiring extensive travel or relocation is almost always billed on a daily rate with the smallest increment being 1/2 a day. This is done for the benefit of clients as well as us and simplifies time tracking. Invoices or Work Time Summaries are provided whether billing is hourly or daily. We will always inform a client if billing will be daily instead of hourly and should a client desire daily billing we encourage them to request it from us.